Licht des Lebens

Licht des Lebens was founded in February 2013 and is a specialist providing biophoton products. These products can be assigned into fields of alternative medicine, naturopathy, wellness and sport recovery. The general interest towards natural treatment methods is growing. Instead of using chemical medicine products, more and more people are keen on to strengthen their bodies by using natural methods.

The most naturopathic therapies pursue a holistic approach to harmonize the body functions on the whole.
The origin of some naturopathic procedures goes back to ancient times, when nature was defined as the ground of "life and healing power". Otherwise like ancient traditions, the research regarding the effects of biophotons is still in a relatively early stage, which started on the last century.
A gentle supplement to conventional academic medicine or strengthening the self-healing mechanism of human body.
Numerous people are looking for additions to classical academic medicine to strengthen or regenerate their bodies with natural instruments and gentle therapies.
Our biophoton products can help these people to re-build the body's natural balance.
Doctors, naturopaths, physiotherapists, sports therapists and many professional groups in the field of wellness are benefiting the biophoton products and therapy as a painless and side-effect free treatment method. These products and therapy can be used as a reasonable supplement to academic medicine and homeopathy.

Not only in means of professional therapies, our biophoton products are easy and well-suited to use as a precaution and treatment method in the home environment as well. If you would like to know more about the fascinating effects of biophotons, please do not hesitate to contact us.